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Waldorf-Astoria ® Hotel

Pacific Coast Feather Company Down Surround Super Standard Pillow- As Featured in the Waldorf-Astoria and Part of the Waldorf-Astoria Collection
Waldorf-Astoria ® Hotel Few hotels can state that at one time they were the world's largest. In 1897 the Waldorf and Astoria hotels merged to become just that and also transformed what people thought a hotel was. From restaurants to boutiques, the Waldorf-Astoria laid the groundwork for what luxury is and that precedent continues with the Waldorf-Astoria Collection that features down feather pillows from Pacific Coast Feather Company .

The Pacific Coast Feather Company services almost every major luxury hotel chain and the Waldorf=Astoria is no exception. When bedding was selected for the Waldorf-Astoria Collection, Pacific Coast Feather chose the softest yet supportive pillow they make, the Down Surround Super Standard pillow.

The Down Surround Super Standard pillow by Pacific Coast Feather Company is perfect for the Waldorf-Astoria because of the Down Surround pillows superior loft and a pillow in pillow design that ensures support night after restful night.

Upgrade your bedding tonight to the ultimate luxury of the Waldorf-Astoria Collection with the Pacific Coast Feather Company Down Surround Super Standard pillow tonight!