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Treasure Island

The National Sleep Products /Restful Nights Trillium Gel Pillow as Featured at the Treasure Island, TI, Hotel and Casino
Treasure Island Nothing captures the fantasy of Las Vegas than a nightly battle that has a full sized pirate ship sailing through the desert. When Treasure Island, now known as TI opened in 1993, the goal was a family friendly resort with a pirate theme. Now going after an older crowd, the TI has renovated its image with no more skull and crossbones but much more luxury. This is evident in the bedding found in many rooms, The National Sleep Products /Restful Nights Trillium Gel pillow.

Most synthetic use a dry blown polyester fiber which makes the pillow stiff and supportive, National Sleep Products /Restful Nights approached the Trillium Gel Pillow differently, using a blown liquid gel polyester fiber to give the Trillium Gel Pillow down like comfort while still offering support that you would expect with a synthetic pillow. Since its introduction at TI in 2003 the Trillium Gel pillow has become a staple in many of the TIs luxury suites and standard rooms.

If you want down-like comfort without any of the allergy concerns of down/feather pillows than look no further than the National Sleep Products /Restful Nights Trillium Gel pillow featured at TI in Las Vegas!