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Down Etc. 50% Down 50% Feather Pillow as Found in the Red Rock Hotel Las Vegas
Red Rock Hotel The Red Rock Hotel Casino and Spa in Las Vegas is often referred to as an oasis in the desert because of the Red Rock Hotels relaxing quiet luxury that is mere minutes from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas proper. Guests of the Red Rock Hotel expect to be pampered and one of the best treatments is a comfortable and relaxing night sleep with the Down Etc. 50% Down 50% Feather pillow.

Down Etc. created this luxury pillow with a premium white goose down and feather fill that is the right combination of soft and support which guests of the Red Rock appreciate as they fall asleep quickly and comfortably. Down Etc. also made the cover of the 50% Down 50% feather pillow out of 100% cotton and 235 thread count to ensure that feather and down stay in the pillow and not slowly leak which is a problem with other companies down and feather pillows.

Turn your bedroom into a spa retreat the likes of the Red Rock Hotel tonight with the Down Etc. 50% Down 50% Feather pillow!