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Radisson Hotels

The Down Surround Pillow Featured in Many Radisson Hotel Properties
Radisson Hotels For many businesses 25 years serving customers is a great milestone. The Radisson has celebrated four such occasions since their 1909 founding and they have changed their luxury accommodations with the times to always be the first location when people consider traveling.

Bedding is also one of Radisson Hotels high points because they choose to use only the finest. The Pacific Coast Feather Down Surround pillow is just the item for those discerning guests.

The Down Surround is actually a pillow within a pillow. An inner chamber of supportive duck feather is completely encased by an outer chamber of goose down. This results in a supportive feel all night long and amazing loft and soft comfort that you typically find in a high down percentage pillow.

The down surround pillow is perfect for any sleep position and you can rest well knowing that you have products from the most prolific and popular hotel supplier, the pacific coast feather company, and those products are as good tonight as they will be years from now!