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Pillow Factory As featured in The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa ®, the Pillow Factory ® Housekeeper’s Choice ™ SPIRALsoft ™ Pillow offers the luxury and comfort of SPIRALsoft ™! If you’ve tried or even heart of SPIRALsoft ™, you are in for a treat if you’re a fan of the feeling of down and feather products. SPIRALsoft ™ is comprised entirely of polyester, but through a unique process of blowing silky spiral fibers, this polyester material develops the loft and comfort of down and feather. To make matters even better, these pillows come at a very affordable price and without the allergy concerns of down and feather products, meaning anyone can enjoy them.

Get your Pillow Factory ® Housekeeper’s Choice ™ SPIRALsoft ™ Pillow today and enjoy the luxury of down and feather in a unique polyester format! We are currently offering this pillow in standard, queen, and king as a single or in sets of 2 or 4.