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Palms Hotel & Casino

Pacific Coast Touch of Down Pillow Featured at The Palms Las Vegas
Palms Hotel & Casino A Hotel like the Palms doesn't do subtlety. With Suites featuring basketball courts, a wing dedicated to the legacy of Playboy and of course being the location when MTV's Real World came to Las Vegas, the Palms has set itself apart from just offering great rooms, but the Las Vegas experience without ever leaving their hotel!

The bedding used at the palms is just as popular. The Pacific Coast Touch of Down. Soft yet supportive, this pillow in pillow is designed for any sleep position and to make sure that you are comfortable all night long.

An Inner chamber of duck feather and an outer chamber of goose down mean the touch of down pillow is truly the best of both worlds. Your pillow will be lofty and soft, yet as you set your head down it will be supportive and cradling.

People may not sleep very much when they stay at the Palms but when you finally do get that power nap you can awake refreshed with the Pacific Coast Touch of Down Pillow.