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National Sleep Products /Restful Nights Flexiloft Gold Pillow as Found in Many La Quinta Hotels
La Quinta When La Quinta Inns debuted at the 1968 worlds fair they offered amenities that most travelers were not accustomed to receiving, but truly enjoyed those amenities and promptly returned to La Quinta again and again. It is the innovation that has made La Quinta Inns popular and growing steadily ever since.

Today La Quinta Inns more than 700 properties are independently owned and managed though many universally agree on what bedding to use to keep their guests comfortable. The hands down choice is manufactured by National Sleep Products /Restful Nights and is the Flexiloft Gold pillow. What set the Flexiloft Gold pillow apart from other options that La Quinta could have used is the slickened hollow core poly cluster fibers. The fibers in the Flexiloft Gold pillow offer the support that you expect in a synthetic pillow but are bunched so they mimic the loft and soft feel that natural down has which makes this pillow ideal for any sleep style.

With such a versatile product guests of La Quinta often can be found trying to purchase the pillows as they check out! Now you can own that same pillow experience that has had countless customers begging at many La Quinta Inns with the National Sleep Products /Restful Nights Flexiloft Gold Pillow!