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Hotel ZAZA

The Down Etc.© Rhapsody Wrap Pillow Featured in Hotel ZAZA ®
Hotel ZAZA There is a new name for urban luxury hotels and that name is The Hotel ZAZA ®. Opened in 2005, The Hotel ZAZA ® established a new bench mark in amazing hotel experience and amenities and put hospitality on the map in the southwest. What is The Hotel ZAZA ® secret? Give customers the best of everything from technology to food to lighting but most important is the right bed linens.

The Down Etc. © Rhapsody Wrap Pillow represents Down Etc. ® Pillows most comfortable and supportive offering which is why hotels like Hotel ZAZA ® are rushing to fill their rooms with this luxury item. The Down Etc. © Rhapsody Wrap Pillow ® pillow gives customers the ultimate in soft down and supportive feather. Down Etc. ® Accomplished this by creating two pillows in one.

The Down Etc. © Rhapsody Wrap Pillow ® Begins with an outer pillow that is 70% White Goose Down. White Goose Down Pillows are known worldwide as the softest and loftiest pillows that you can buy and traditionally appear in the most luxurious hotels. But Down Etc. ® didn’t stop at white goose down. They created a second, inner pillow that was 95% white goose feather to provide neck and spine support for everyone regardless of their sleep position. It is no wonder that this staple of luxury would find its way into the hottest new urban luxury hotel on the planet, the Hotel ZAZA ®.

Give your bedroom a makeover worthy of the Hotel ZAZA ® tonight with the Down Etc. © Rhapsody Wrap Pillow ® and feel the difference that white goose down makes!