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Howard Johnson

Synthetic and Down Pillow Options Available at Many Howard Johnson Hotels
Howard Johnson If you told your friends you were going to Howard Johnson's in the 1920's you weren't staying in a fine hotel, you were actually going to an ice cream parlor.

The Howard Johnson we know today as a great hotel chain was originally a popular drug store and later chain of restaurants started by Mr. Howard Johnson. It wasn't until 1954 that the first Howard Johnson motor lodge was opened and backed by an already successful name brand, the company grew.

Today Howard Johnson is owned by Wyndham Hotels and can be found all across the United States and a few locations elsewhere on the globe.

The bedding used at this classic American hotel chain is actually a unique blend of traditional feather & down pillows but also with a synthetic pillow option. This combonation is not typical of a mid-range hotel but customers love the concept and bedding so much that they have made Howard Johnson Hotels their exclusive stop.

The Down & Feather option is one of the most popular hotel pillows in the market today, the Down Surround Pillow by Pacific Coast Feather. This is a pillow in pillow design that features an inner chamber of duck feather and an outer chamber of premium gray goose down. Medium support and right for any sleep position.

The synthetic option found at many Howard Johnson Hotels is the Ultraflow Optiform pillow which has a unique medium weight polyester fill that offers support but feels plush and almost down like to the touch.

Together these pillows make a Howard Johnson Hotel experience truly amazing. Make over your bedding with classic comfort and high technology found at many Howard Johnson Hotels tonight!