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Holiday Inn Express ®

Holiday Inn Express ® In 2000 Holiday Inn launched the Holiday Inn Express ® chain of suite hotels to encourage guests and customers to stay smarter. Since that slogan in 2000 the Holiday Inn Express ® line has grown exceptionally fast, even changing the name to Express ® by Holiday Inn ®. But the original bedding they used in their simply smart collection remains due to customer's overwhelming approval. The simply smart bedding that is found at Express by Holiday Inn ® is manufactured by Hollander ® for IHG ® Hotels and features both a firm and a soft option.

Both Hollander ® pillows found in Holiday Inn Express ® properties are synthetic but unique in the type of fill that they use. The Holiday Inn Express ® Pillows come in a soft and firm version. These two pillows have caused a revolution with people demanding multiple options at other hotels and choosing to use the Express ® by Holiday Inn ® because of the choice they are given.