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Excalibur Hotel

Pillows Featured in the Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas
Excalibur Hotel The Las Vegas Strip has had some interesting buildings over the years, but nothing came close before or since the Excalibur castle graced the skyline.

Designed after the Arthurian legend, complete with wizards and dragons, the Excalibur Las Vegas has become the go to spot for families and Vegas goers who want the strip experience without the crazy price tag.

But this doesn't mean the Excalibur is second tier by any means, recently renovating rooms with new views, widescreen TV's and granite from floor to ceiling the interior has changed drastically while the exterior remains the icon it has always been.

The bedding too underwent some pretty drastic changes. Taking a cue from luxury chain hotels, the Excalibur is now offering a luxurious soft pillow option for guests.

The Soft Trillium pillow is a down alternative that offers soft feel and squeezable comfort that you would expect from a down pillow, but won't break down like those pillows do through the course of an evening. The pillow is perfect for anyone who prefers a soft pillow but can't afford not having support all night long.

Together these pillows make one of the finest sleeping combos in Las Vegas other hotels on the strip are taking notice and making similar changes to their own bedding.

Mix and match today to create your own at home VIP retreat!