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Andaz Hotels

Andaz Hotels Hyatt Hotels are already world renowned for offering some of the best accommodations on the planet, so how does the best become even better? They create the Andaz line of ultra boutique hotels. From complimentary mini-bars, to high tech bathrooms coupled with sleek and modern design, the Andaz has quickly risen to a symbol of luxury hotel stays.

With locations in London, Hollywood and New York to name a few, the Andaz seeks to provide guests with the ultimate hotel experience. They also donít overlook any detail which includes the bedding. Down Lite Inc, is known for making luxury bedding for boutique hotels world wide and the Andaz was lucky enough to get this level of comfort in itís bedding with the 50% White Goose Down pillow.
Down Lite ® 50% Feather/ 50% Down Pillow- Featured at Many Andaz ® Hotels