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Double Tree Hotel

Pacific Coast Feather Down Around Pillow as Featured in Many DoubleTree Hotel Locations
Double Tree Hotel A freshly baked chocolate chip cookie is how many travelers are greeted at DoubleTree Hotel locations. Their experience only gets better as they lay they head down on the Pacific Coast Down Around Feather and Down Pillow which is part of the Down Dreams Bed that many DoubleTree Hotels feature.

Pacific Coast started with the most comfortable part of the pillow, a 75% goose down outer that provides maximum loft and soft feel as you lay your head down and is the primary reason it is called the down dreams bed. The Pacific Coast Down Around goes one step further because comfort is nothing without a little support. The Pacific Coast Down Around gives you this support by creating a separate inner pillow of feather to make sure that your head and neck are comfortable cradled throughout the night. It is this sleep experience that many DoubleTree Hotel locations are using as part of the down dreams bed to keep their customers coming back night after night.

Upgrade you bedding to the Pacific Coast Down Around Pillow tonight and see what many DoubleTree Hotel customers have known all along with the down dreams bed!